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Lease given the go ahead for Bray Wanderers Football Club

On Monday 12th of February Wicklow County Council members voted to extend the existing lease at Bray Wanderers Carlisle Ground to 35 years. The original lease was issued on the 9th of February 2001 for a 35 year period. An additional 23 years were approved today which allows the Club to now plan for the future.

As Cathaoirleach of Wicklow County Council and a Bray East Ward Councillor I was delight to visited the grounds recently for their open day. It is clear that the new owners are very much focused on the community and how to improve facilities, so as to increase community engagement and enhance player and visitor experience.

The conditions of the lease were not changed and will not allow commercial development or the building of housing on the site. The new lease however will allow the Club to apply for Sports Capital Funding and make financial investments in the existing facilities which is very welcome.

The recent announcement of the partnership with Ardmore Rovers Football Club and the Walking Football Group are fantastic initiatives by the Club. They increase the communities connection with the club and grounds. I hope that their efforts are rewarded with an increase support in our local team and more support at matches.

Voting on the day was as follows;

  • 25 Votes - in favour

  • 1 Vote - against

  • 1 Vote - abstained from voting

  • 1 Vote - excused from voting / conflict of interest

  • 5 Votes - not present in Chamber



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