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Sidmonton Park / Rd. & Ave. - Road Safety & Active Travel to be addressed

Sidmonton Park is extensively used by children and families in the area. The Park can be accessed by a number of routes, however all present significant safety issues for pedestrians which discourages children being more active and independent in the area. In particular the two crossing points indicated in the image below, the junction of Sidmonton Square and Sidmonton Ave., and the junction of Sidmonton Ave. and Sidmonton Road.

In addition, the following issues presents safety challenges for pedestrians and school going children who wish to walk or cycle to school as the crossing points are deemed too dangerous.

Blind corners, inadequate crossings & footpaths result in pedestrians often having to step out onto the road in order to see traffic coming, in turn drivers can't see pedestrians until they are right in front of them.

I raised these issues in November 2021 with Bray Municipal District as part of a number of submissions I made after a call for Active Travel Funding suggestion.

Active Travel Funding can be used to create improvements which will help people to be able to walk & cycle safety around their communities.

I use this area frequently and have many family & friends living there too who have been calling for works, but the biggest advocate for improvements was my Aunt & Godmother Monica who I know has been calling for improvements here long before I ever got involved in politics.

I am delighted to have received confirmation that funding has been allocated for improvement works and the District Engineer is eager to get this funding utilised as soon as possible.

Any proposed works will of course involve engagement with the local community and will focus on the two areas specifically in the attached photos but will also examine the general area.

Thanks again to the District Engineer for his support. In addition to the replacement park benches due this year from Discretionary Budget spending I proposed, the area is due lots of improvements.

As always if anyone has any suggestions for improvements in our community or issues they need to raise please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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