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Wicklow County Council Draft Development Plan 2021 - 2027

Across the County this weekend Councillors are busy reviewing the list of proposed amendments to the next County Development Plan, 116 proposed amendments in total. This is the next stage of the development of this plan, a plan that will determine the direction and planning policy of the County for the next 10 years.

Credit must be given to the Planners and staff at Wicklow County Council who have provided guidance, support and information on what are some very complex issues over the last number of months. Also to AILG (the Association of Local Irish Government) who have provided training over the last year in this process.

The amendments will be discussed, approved or rejected at the upcoming Wicklow County Council meeting next Monday 10th May. There are some interesting and forward thinking amendments put forward for consideration. It is important that each is reviewed fully and consideration given to their impact on the whole County.

The plan will then go to Public Consultation where everyone will get an opportunity to consider it and it's impact.

The whole process is lengthy and complex, not surprising given the importance of the plan itself. I will continue to keep you updated and will be there to give support when it does go on public display. The voices of our community will be essential in developing the future for County Wicklow.



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