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Hidden Disability Parking arrives in Bray

Cllr. Aoife Flynn Kennedy & Cllr. Melanie Corrigan first called for Hidden Disability Parking to be introduced into the District as far back as 2021 and have campaigned tirelessly for these spaces to be installed.  Both are strong advocates for inclusion and accessibility and have both personal and professional experience in the area of disability.

With one in five people in Ireland living with some form of disability, 80 per cent of whom live with a non-visible disability, both Councillors have worked over the last five years to highlight and improve access issues across the district.  Hidden Disability parking provides parking in key locations for individuals whose disability is hidden but who require strategically placed parking to access services.

Cllr. Aoife Flynn Kennedy outlines “Some people with a disability may not qualify for a Blue Badge, so these courtesy parking spaces provide a safe and accessible place to park. While the hidden disability spaces require paid parking, with the Pay and Display ticket machine located close to these spaces, we would ask the general public to respect the spaces and leave them for those with hidden disabilities.”

Cllr. Melanie Corrigan explained “These spaces are for individuals and families with hidden conditions like autism, a sensory disability, an acquired brain injury or other difficulties, who wouldn't have a disabled badge, but would need to be able to park nearer to facilities.

Both Councillors commended local resident and campaigner Bernadette Nolan McGrath, as well Tristan Casson-Rennie  from The Hidden Disability Sunflower Team, Ireland & Northern Ireland for their support. 

Spaces have now been installed on Eglington Road, Bray and in the Herbert Road Car Park.  Spaces are easily identified by their green colour and adjoining sign highlighting that they are for Hidden Disabilities.



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