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Humbled and honoured to take up the role as Cathaoirleach of Wicklow County Council

At todays Wicklow County Council AGM I had the honour of putting my name forward for the position of Cathaoirleach and to be elected into the position un opposed by my fellow Councillors.

In accepting I paid tribute to our outgoing Cathaoirleach Cllr. Tommy Annesley for all his work over the past year. It was a difficult year for Tommy personally and yet he continuously showed commitment to the role and to the County. Cllr. Annesley also had the talent of bringing humour to the chamber which is something we all need. I am not sure that I will be able to bring the same level of humour but in terms of commitment I hope I can live up to the standards Tommy that you have set.

I also thanked Cllr. Irene Winters and Cllr. Gail Dunne for proposing and seconding me, they have both been consistently supportive and it is much appreciated. Congratulations also to Cllr. Gail Dunne who was elected Leas Cathaoirleach at todays meeting.

Those of you in this chamber that know me very well will know that life has thrown me a few challenges over the years. The passing of time allows you to recover but experiences in life shape who you are. I never dreamed that one day I would be sitting in this chamber representing my community. So to take on this new role today is both humbling and an absolute honour.

I have the upmost respect for every member of the chamber, regardless of their political persuasion. To put yourself forward to represent your community is no easy task and it is a privilege to serve every person. In this coming year I will endeavour to ensure that all elected members are supported in their role and that they have an opportunity to raise issues that are important to them and and to their community.

I took the opportunity today to also thank my family & friends for being here and for their ongoing support. I am very lucky to have a large, blended, noisy and unbelievable supportive family and group of friends. As Councillors, we put ourselves forward for this role, but our family and friends come on the journey with us whether they want to or not. I am thankful always for all they do to allow me take on this role.

Finally, I am looking forward to the year ahead, the final year of this term for us all in the Chamber. I look forward to working together with my fellow Councillors and Council officials to ensure that Wicklow as a County continues to achieve all it deserves.



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